The Harvard Elementary PTA is organized into four separate committees besides the Board and Grade Level Reps. Each committee is headed by a Vice President of the Committee (meaning there are 4 VPs on the board).

Communications Committee

This committee is a great one for volunteers who work full-time but could help out from home. Your web and verbal skills would be needed to help maintain our website and produce monthly email newsletters from the PTA. This committee also coordinates with all the others to make sure their efforts get the help, support and attendance they strive for. They are also responsible for maintaining the PTA events calendar. This committee literally gets the word out about what we do. Specific questions can be addressed to the Communications VP here.

Community Building Committee

Community Building is responsible for connecting parents to Harvard through various events throughout the year. They organize the preK/Kindergarten summer play dates as well as the preK/Kindergarten mixer the Friday before school begins. The Dad's club, which hold events such as the biannual Movies at Harvard Park and "Dads and Donuts" helps Harvard dads get to know one another and your child's school. Community Building also organizes and carries out teacher appreciation throughout the year, as well as the November Magnet Tours and the December Craft Night. Specific questions can be addressed to the Community Building VP here.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee essentially makes all our efforts possible. While we raise money throughout various Community & Business Partnerships throughout the year, we specifically ask you to give during our huge spring fundraising event held in February each year. This one event generates the funds for the following academic year. This committee is also responsible for the design and sale of the Harvard T-shirts that your child(ren) can wear to school to supplement their uniform wardrobe. They also make parents' lives easier by selling school supplies specific to each grade that are then delivered to your child's classroom: no effort required! Just fill out the form, pay and poof! Your child's supplies are waiting for them when school starts (no exhausting trip to Target/Wal-Mart/Big Box Store required!). If you are an experienced grant writer that would like to lend us your talents, we would welcome you with open arms! Specific questions can be addressed to the Fundraising VP here.

Education Committee

This is the committee that uses those funds generated by Fundraising to enrich our children at Harvard. Their projects include the Harvard Garden in partnership with Urban Harvest. They also fund all those amazing School Assemblies: Houston Grand Opera, Alley Theatre, Houston Ballet --just to name a few! They fund library and literacy projects as well as the annual Book Fair held in December. They also take and approve specific teacher requests for funds to enrich their classrooms, and they work to provide parent education on topics of current interest to help the entire Harvard Community. Specific questions can be addressed to the Education VP here.


This is the committee that works to engage our members, find volunteers for all the various projects described above, as needed. Led by our 5th VP of Volunteers and Membership, this committee coordinates with the state Texas PTA in Austin to enroll our official members for advocacy in public education.