PTA = Parent teacher Association

Our PTA is a group of dedicated parents who are organized to benefit all of Harvard. And we need you! You can become a member right now, simply by signing up to volunteer right here.

Read our by-laws by clicking here.

The Harvard PTA pays for:

  • Harvard’s garden and outdoor learning center in partnership with Urban Harvest ($15,000)
  • school assemblies such as visits from Main Street Theater, Houston Grand Opera, Museum of Natural Science & more ($8,000)
  • our Library and Literacy programs ($10,000)
  • discretionary funds for specific teacher requests annually ($16,000)
  • extra hard- and software upgrades needed throughout the building ($25,000+ for smart board projectors, learning software, etc)
  • year-round teacher appreciation events ($11,000)
  • community building projects including Pre-K/Kindergarten summer play dates and mixer before the start of school, Dad’s Club and their bi-annual outdoor movie nights, and December Craft Night ($5,000)
  • costs associated with hosting the PTA web site and other communication ($1,000)

These are efforts that make Harvard such an amazing school, adding value to the diligent work of our teachers and staff.

Harvard Parents are making the difference between Good and GREAT! All the wonderful things happening at Harvard happen because of parent participation. 

Parents can participate in many ways:  

  • FIVE are responsible for specific activities.  Each committee has a VP who works to assign project leads. These projects are the specific PTA activity such as Assemblies or Teacher Appreciation Week. Click here to see the full list of committees.   
  • Each committee needs volunteers.  On a regular basis parents will be asked to volunteer for a project.  Be on the look out for sign up opportunities.
  • Attend the PTA general meetings (usually held on a morning after drop off). We will work hard to keep these updated here on our Events Page. Be sure to watch for reminders in your PTA email newsletter and in the Tuesday home communication folders.
  • We have a PTA board (see below) which requires a one to two year commitment of time (except for grade reps, who represent the grade of their child that one year). The list of board members is included below. This board meets monthly, and parents are nominated for board positions by a nominating committee as they become available each year, finalized for the next academic year in April of the previous. If you would like to be considered for a board position, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

PTA Officers (Board) for 2017 - 2018

President - Ed Goerig

1st Vice President (Education) - Melissa Rodriguez

2nd Vice President (Community Building) - Whitney Stoebner

3rd Vice President (Fundraising) - Lorri White

4th Vice President (Communications) - Michelle Galindo

Secretary - Jenni Walker

Treasurer - Paul Killian

Parliamentarian - Annie Stein

Teacher Representative - OPEN

Teacher Representative - OPEN

Volunteer Coodinator - Erin Trent

Parent Representative - PreK - Karina Quesada-Leon

Parent Representative - Kindergarten - Alycia Clark

Parent Representative - Grade 1 - Cecilia Greenleaf

Parent Representative - Grade 2 - Ellis Iverson

Parent Representative - Grade 3 - Peter Vonder Haar

Parent Representative - Grade 4 - Alma Rodriguez

Parent Representative - Grade 5 - Taylor Tran

Continuity Advisor (Past President) - Alison Schmieder 

Principal - Laura Alaniz

This is our current board and committee structure:
Harvard ES PTA Board