Voting FOR Prop 1: Recapture

Dear Harvard Families,

After careful consideration, research, listening and learning, I believe it is better for HISD to make the recapture payments to the state and avoid "detachment" of properties. HISD is wanting to risk losing these properties with an "against" vote in order to fight this to the bitter end in Austin. However, this is costly, would take years, and the result may still be the same for us. AND those properties, once detached, are lost to us as revenue streams forever. Without them, other revenue streams (read: taxes) would go up to help HISD pay back the bonds.

Everyone must make their own decision at the voting booth, but please know that I deeply trust the careful and honest insight of our trustee, Anna Eastman, who herself was initially caught up in the emotions of it all, but took the time to look at the hard facts along with the current players in Austin to come to the conclusion that we must for FOR.

I am happy to do my best to further explain if you would like to contact me, but here are a few other resources for you that may explain this better. 

No matter what you decide, set an example for your kiddos and get out and vote!

Scott Hochberg, former state senator for Houston and 20-year veteran of the House Committee on Public Education

Negative Commercial Property Implications