Save the Date: Food Allergy and Asthma Awareness Night: January 30, 6-7pm

Food Allergy and Asthma Awareness Night

Monday, January 30

6-7 pm

Childcare will be provided

Come hear from experts about the basics of asthma and allergies, what to look for, actions you can take and how to respond to emergencies.

As part of our Healthy Harvard initiative, Harvard PTA wants to help parents understand and make choices about the things that are around us all the time but have the potential to make our kids sick…the food we eat and the air we breathe.

  • Nearly 1 in 9 children has asthma; many of who are not diagnosed

  • Asthma rates have been on the rise for decades

  • Allergic conditions are the largest health issue affecting children in the U.S.

  • Nearly 200,000 hospital visits were due to allergic reactions last year

Speakers include the following local area advocates for food allergy awareness and asthma.

Dr. Carla Davis, Director of Food Allergy Program at Texas Children’s Hospital, is dedicated to understanding and treating food allergy illnesses in children.

Dr. Ruby Abrol, Asthma Programs Manager for the American Lung Association of Texas, is an advocate for patient education.

Parents, coaches, educators, Scout leaders, volunteers at school….come learn and discuss and be part of our Healthy Harvard Community!