Harvard PTA Proposed By-Law Changes

Dear Parents, 

At our last General Meeting February 8, 2017 I mentioned and attempted to explain the proposed by-law changes we will need you to vote on and approve at our final General Meeting on Friday, April 21st (right after drop-off at 7:50 am).

Here again those changes for your perusal along with links to our current by-laws.

  • We are officially adding the following roles to our PTA Executive Board:
    • 5th VP - Membership and Volunteer Coordinator
    • Continuity Advisor (one role that can either be past-president, president elect or another advisor, depending upon our needs)
    • Teacher Reps upon availability and desire to serve, we seek to have one classroom and one specialty teacher on the board each year, serving a one or two-year term. 
  • We are eliminating local dues, currently set at $2 annually. State and national dues will remain at $2.25 each = $4.50 because we cannot change this. This change will allow us to use online membership enrollment upon final approval by the Texas PTA this summer.

Click here to view our current by-laws.

Click here to view the Local PTA Bylaws Snapshot Worksheet with our proposed changes.

The proposed changes Snapshot Worksheet and a copy of the full by-laws can also be viewed in paper form on our PTA Bulletin Board near the front office.